General Condition for Stay 2021






Buffet breakfast and lunch, dinner with table service (table reserved for families) at the central restaurant Kalidria. Bottled mineral water included with meals, other drinks for a fee. Tables are available in the shaded area outside the central restaurant (bookable directly at the hotel, subject to availability). Guests of the suites can request the table assigned in the outdoor area for the whole duration of their stay. For lunch it is possible to book, subject to availability, Mediterraneo beach restaurant, or the Sea Box to enjoy on the beach area. On the beach, a beach umbrella with two sun beds per room, and use of beach towels. For paid drinks it is necessary to use the Smart Card.



EXTRA FULL BOARD, the All Inclusive Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA bar


In addition to the provisions of the Full Board, it includes the following drinks at the bar: cafeteria, draft drinks in 20 cl glasses. Of your choice cold lemon or peach tea, lemonade, tonic water, citron, chinotto and sparkling water, orange and coke; fruit juices (pineapple, ace, peach, apricot, blood orange, pear), syrups (black cherry, almond milk, mint and barley), mineral water, draft beer, slushes, a white wine and a red wine, prosecco, tonic liqueurs and liqueurs, aperitifs, vermouth, grappa; basic cocktails chosen from a specific menu. Champagne and spirits defined as special on the bar price list are excluded. The formula is subject to limited availability and can only be booked by all members of the room (or bookings in any case connected); it cannot be used to offer drinks to third parties, it can be revoked by the Customer at any time and by Bluserena in case of non-compliance with the regulation, in both cases returning to the Full Board price. To access the services you need to use the Smart Card.





Bluserena pays particular attention to the well-being of the Guests both in the offer and in the correct information on allergens. While in no case being able to offer personalized menus prepared ad hoc for individual guests, it guarantees in restaurants with buffet service, gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free food. Gluten-free food: in addition to a rich buffet and an assortment of naturally gluten-free foods, a cold cut of the day and packaged basic products (tarts, snacks and rusks) are available for breakfast; at lunch, in addition to a rich range of foods with natural gluten absence, a first course, a second course and a dessert made with gluten-free ingredients (dishes for which, however, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute absence of contamination). Lactose free and eggs free food. In addition to a rich buffet of naturally lactose-free and egg-free foods, basic products packaged lactose-free and eggs (snacks, rusks, yogurt and milk) are available at breakfast for a first course, a second course, a cold cut, cheese and a lactose-free or egg-free dessert. In restaurants with plate service, on request: Gluten-free food. A first course, a second course and a dessert made with gluten-free ingredients. Lactose free and eggs free food. A first course, a second course and a dessert made with lactose-free and egg-free ingredients. However, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute absence of contamination due to any type of intolerance (except for the packaged products indicated above).





Services of Ethra Reserve Guests of Kalidria can enjoy every evening in the theatres nearby the adjacent 4-Star Villages the shows from musicals to cabaret, variety shows ,games and performances of Guests. But not only entertainment: in prime and second time dance and parties are available. Lessons in every type of dance are held every day, so that you can experience the rhythms of the whole world! From Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, not to mention line dancing and ballroom dancing. Dance lovers will find Salsa, Merengue and Bachata lessons every day. Unmissable daytime and evening appointments with group dances in the presence of our instructors and every evening ample space for Liscio.





At Ethra Reserve, the exclusive 3,500 m2 Ethra Thalasso SPA, one of the most evocative thalassotherapy centers in Italy. It offers a rich proposal of thalassotherapy, beauty treatments, massages, wellness programs, relaxation and remise en forme, an outdoor seawater pool, an indoor pool with a marine aquatonic course, a Thalasso Oasis with plein air wellness pools Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpools, solarium and a gym with Technogym equipment (paid services). In compliance with current regulations, Ethra Thalasso SPA services will be available from 26.06.2021.





Large gym equipped by Technogym, which offers targeted services and small class fitness activities both outdoors (from yoga to pilates) and in the gym with personal trainer. Moreover, for all the Guests of Kalidria can also enjoy the services offered by Ethra Reserve located at the adjacent 4-star Villages: Stretch and Tone, Total Body and Aquagym, Nordic Walking and Pilates and Cross Training complete with TRX and jump fitness, the trampoline that helps burning calories at the rhythm of music. SERVICES OF ETHRA RESERVE (available from 31.05 to 11.09.2021) nearby the adjacent 4-Star Valentino Village and Calanè Village: tennis courts and five-a-side football pitches,bowls, beach volley and beach tennis courts, archery and shooting, table tennis. Our Guests can take part in group to lessons of swimming, sailing and windsurf. From 31.05 to 11.09.2021 also tennis, archery and shooting will be available. Bluserena Seasport Club, the club of Water Sports and water attractions. Fun and sports: pedal boats, canoes, sailing, wind-surfing, Paddle Surf boards (even Big Paddle Surf up to 8 people), activities towed by motorboat (for a fee). Excursions by boat and rubber dinghy (for a fee). Free and private group lessons for sailing and windsurfing for a fee. Excursions by boat and rubber dinghy are charged extra. Golf Club Metaponto is situated a few miles from the Hotel.





Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA has a large private beach, set in a 5-km long stretch of coast. The long and sandy beach, that can be reached by means of convenient shuttles, features the “Mediterraneo” (open from 07.06 to 11.09.2021) restaurant and bar on the beach 1st row beach umbrella included for Guests staying in our Junior Suite and Suite Albachiara.





Upon request and payment, a private baby-sitting service can be provided.
SERVICES OF ETHRA RESERVE. Guests of Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA can enjoy the services and the kids’ clubs in the nearby 4-Star Calanè and Valentino Villages: a large play park, with a Spray park, a wonderfully colourful and cool water game park where kids aged 4 to 12, can play with the water sprays and gets, fountains, slides, a pirate ship, water cannons and much more besides. Our Serenino, SereninoPiù, Serenup and Serenhappy Clubs are tailored to allow parents to safely leave their children with our professional entertainment staff. Creative-play activities, games, workshops are provided. All services listed below are available from 07.06 to 11.09.2021. Children aged 3 to 5 may join the Serenino Club and for children aged 6 to 10 there is the SereninoPiù Club (kids aged 10 may choose between SereninoPiù and Serenup). The Clubs are open every day, from 09.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Monday open from 09.00 a.m.), both clubs have their own specially designed area, with swimming-pool and games. Kids aged 11 to 14 can join Serenup (kids aged 14 may choose between Serenup and Serenhappy) and teenagers from 14 to 17 can join Serenhappy, and will be involved in games, sports activities, drama, shows, and much more. The SerenUp and SerenHappy are open every day, from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Children can also participate, with qualified instructors, in our Swimming school and Mermaiding (it is for children aged 3+), in our Dance school and Rhythmic Gymnastic (for children aged 5 to 14), in our Football training (for children aged from 5 to 14) clothing/kits are supplied by Bluserena, the youngest, aged from 3 to 10, can continue having fun in our evening club, Serenino Serale, every day except Sunday, from 9.30 p.m. to 11.00p.m. (from 07.06 to 11.09.2021). The whole family will have fun with the Bluserena Circus, learning the fundamentals of circus acts and clowneries. Baby Kitchen/Baby Feeding Facility. Parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use the Baby kitchen/ Baby feeding facility located at the adjacent 4-star Villages and 5-star Resorts which is accessible from 07:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Assistance is provided and basic foods are available at main mealtimes. Facilities include electric hobs, fridge, sink, tables, chairs, high-chairs, pots and pans, bottle-warmer, microwave oven, blender, sterilizer and homogenizer. At main mealtimes vegetable and meat broths, vegetable puree, small pasta, slices of meat, fish fillets, ham, dairy products, fresh fruit, fresh milk, yoghurt, jams, tea, chamomile tea and biscuits are available (baby foods, processed cheeses and powdered and liquid baby milk are not provided). Doctor resident in the adjacent Valentino village and available 24 hours a day (pediatrician doctor at Calanè Village). Medical office open at set times, morning and afternoon, with free visits. Visits are paid at other times and outside the doctor's office.





Kalidria Hotel Rooms are available for disabled people and there are reserved parking spaces and beach spaces (near the walkway). A Job chair is available in the Village, designed for use in the sea.





For those who book online on the website (without telephone support), Bluserena offers a 50% discount for one person, during the week to choose from those published on in different period from the first stay. The discount is valid for stays of one week in a Classic room (consisting of at least 2 adults) in Pensione Più, for the summer season 2021. It can be transferred to 1st degree relatives who are not already Bluserena customers and who have not already a confirmed booking for summer 2021. In no case can the discount be used for services other than those described above or in 2022. For accompanying persons are valid the conditions of stay published on the official 2021 price lists. Cannot be combined with any offers Bluserena.





Discounts are available for children in 2nd bed, sharing a room with an adult. In the presence of more children, the offer applies to only one child, applying the reductions provided for in 3rd, 4th and 5th bed to the others. Offer subject to limited availability and valid in the presence of only one adult (from 18 years) per family.





You can book on stays of less than a week in Pensione Più and in Classic Room (rates indicated under the heading “Short Stays” in the price list of the individual village), with a free Club Card. Short stays are reserved for a limited number of rooms and subject to availability. In case of an extension, starting from the 5th night, the price is from the list and the Club Card for a fee.





At Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA it is possible to bring your dog (maximum 7 kg). It will on the terrace of the Classic or Superior rooms and will be able to circulate in the Village only in reserved areas and on dedicated routes (for example not on the restaurant, amphitheater and square), with leash. No food is provided for the dog. The number of places is limited. No other animals or dogs of heavier weight are allowed. Customers who will stay with the dog will be required to comply with the regulations sent during the booking confirmation phase.





Connection available in all Rooms, communal areas and on the beach.





For information and bookings, please visit or contact Booking Bluserena on +39.085.8369500. A deposit of 10 % of the total amount will be requested upon confirmation; The balance must be paid before the start of the holiday , within 21 days. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card through the area Electronic invoices will be issued for the amounts settled before arrival. Official receipts will be issued for services settled at the Hotel as Bluserena has telematics cash registers. If you would also like an invoice for payments made at the Hotel by providing all the necessary details: surname and name or title, VAT registration number or Tax Code, sdi code (ie. Italian Interchange System) or PEC (ie. Certified email). For tax reasons, under no circumstances can invoices be requested after payment.





Bluserena will adapt to current and future regulations and will take all appropriate measures to ensure the highest level of safety. For example, if necessary, shifts will be introduced, services changed or suspended, schedules changed.





In case of cancellation up to 21 days from the start of the holiday, no cancellation penalties will be applied (for the amounts paid, Bluserena will recognize, at its discretion, a refund or voucher of equal value valid until 31/12/2022). The reimbursement, even by voucher, of travel and transfers not purchased from Bluserena is excluded. For cancellations made 20 days before arrival, will be applied the following penalty to the amount of the stay: • cancellations from 20 to 10 days before arrival: 50%; • cancellations from 9 to 4 days before arrival: 75%; • cancellations from 3 to 0 days before arrival: 100%. Bluserena will not apply a penalty (against the paid sums, a refund or a voucher will be issued, at customer's discretion, valid until 31.12.2022) if the inability to stay is linked to the pandemic event in progress and depends exclusively on one of the following cases: • at least one of the components of the reservation is subject to mandatory quarantine, imposed by the health authorities; • it is impossible to reach the booked village due to restrictions imposed by the authorities. In any case, for late arrivals or early interruptions, the full amount of the booked stay will be charged. In any case, for late arrivals or early interruptions, the full amount of the booked stay will be charged.






Even during the season, Bluserena has the right to close the booked facility and / or delay the opening for any reason and / or cause. It is understood and accepted that in such circumstances Bluserena may propose at its discretion: (I) re-routing in another Bluserena facility; (II) voucher for the full amount forfeited by Bluserena valid until 31.12.2022, usable at Bluserena facilities; (III) reimbursement of the sums paid by Bluserena only. The Guest declares to be satisfied, accepting the foregoing and renouncing any other claim also as compensation. Bluserena is also recognized the right to make changes to the services described in this Price List, should it be prescribed by the competent authorities due to the emergency relating to the pandemic event in progress, or, in any case, at Bluserena's discretion to in order to limit the risk of contagion and / or ensure the safety of Guests and employees.





Rooms and beach umbrellas are delivered starting from 2.30 pm, guaranteed by 4.00 p.m on your day of arrival. On the day of departure, rooms must be returned by 11 a.m. By reserving our “Delayed Check-out” option (upon payment, availability limited) rooms are available until 2.15 p.m. on the day of departure. Available on request and subject to limited availability. Delayed Check-out until 2.15 p.m. € 49 per room.





We want our Villages to be a place of relax, fun, serenity and safety at the same time. Therefore it is necessary that all Guests comply with certain rules of conduct, listed in the “Village Regulations” available on and sent to the booking confirmation. Entering the facility requires acceptance.





Upon arrival at the Hotel, a Smart Card will be given to be used in bars, restaurants, amphitheater, Reception, Thalasso SPA at the Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA. For each top up made, a voucher of the same amount will be assigned to the Smart Card with which to pay for purchases (multipurpose "consideration" pursuant to Article 6-quater of Presidential Decree no. 633/72, accepted as payments - for sales or services). It is possible to top up at any time at the Reception and the bars in the square and on the beach, for a maximum amount of € 200.00. The Smart Card can be used up to a few moments before departure from the Village, also to pay the bill for the stay, and can be returned at the bar, recovering the remaining credit before departure, if greater than or equal to € 1. It will be necessary to show the Smart Card to take advantage of the All Inclusive Extra, provided for those who have chosen the Extra Board, and the benefits of BluserenaPiù Club. For details, see the respective regulations.





At Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA, there is a shuttle that connects the beach to the Villages (about 9 minutes).





It is possible to book a transfer from the airport or station to the Village. Upon request, car rental is also available during the stay, eith competitive rates.





Upon arrival it is mandatory to show the documents certifying the identity of all components of the booking of any age, including minors, pursuant to art. 109 of the Consolidated Law on Public Safety. Failing this, the hotel will apply the discount for the higher age group.





The personal data provided will be processed in accordance with Legislative Decree. Reg. (EU) n. 2016/679, as reported in the information available on





Individual sports’ lessons, services of Ethra Thalasso SPA, some services of the nautical club, excursion, transfer, car and bike hire, medical assistance outside consulting hours and outside the doctor’s surgery.





Smoking is prohibited in the rooms, closed rooms and on the porch, in the pine forest and in the woods, in the amphitheater, in busy areas and games areas with stay children.

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